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Why use our Internet Access?     


bulletWe are designed to support Local Union Offices.
bulletWe have Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCSE, MCP) on staff.
bulletWe Host Union databases for backup and reliability.
bulletWe can encrypt emails for secured data transactions.
bulletWe have a dedicated Union support Web Page.
bulletWe provide fast, reliable Internet access Nationwide in 500+ cities!
bulletWe guard you from known objectionable materials so you and your Local Union can  soar the net safely and productively!
bulletMore and more employees are surfing objectionable sites on company time. A  recent National Survey reports 62% surf objectionable sites at work! We block these, others do not.

Quite simply, accessing through any non-filtered Internet service can seriously cripple business productivity.

Time is ticking away on our  Introductory Price

Item with Special Price Reg. Price March Introductory Price Savings
Union Internet Access* $45/mo. 1st 30 days FREE, then $45/mo $45
Web Pack I (see below) $250 $199 $51

  * One time setup fee of $75             Internet Access with ISDN lines also available!  



Need a Web Page?

We design Union Web Pages! You can enjoy having a single vendor solution for your Software, Internet, and Web Page. Our standard Web Pack I includes 2 color graphics, 2 full pages of text, 5 links (internal or external), and an email link to you (larger or custom Web Sites can be quoted).


Also, for Union families and members ...

We provide a fast, reliable Internet access Nationwide that is:

bulletSafe for Children
bulletWholesome for Families


How to Order Internet Access:

  1. Call 661/872-1100  (all major credit cards accepted).

  2. Or, fill out  the Order Form by clicking on it.





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