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FAQ's and Quick Tips

What does the error, “Index out of date” mean?

If Union Links is running and the operating system is shut down abnormally (power failure, system freeze), this error might appear.  Use the included database utility TUTIL to rebuild the database.  Make sure that Union Links is not running on all stations before running TUTIL. 

How can I verify the integrity of my database?

Included in the installation of Union Links is a database repair utility, TUTIL.  Use this program to verify or rebuild the database.   

Another user made changes to a person’s record, but I can’t see the changes.  Why is this?

In a multi-user environment, a change made by one user will not immediately be reflected in other users’ views.  It may be good practice to click on the Refresh button before making any changes to a particular record.  Also, moving off a person’s record and returning will update that person’s record. 

Will UnionLINKS run if Office 97 is not installed?

Yes.  However, you will not be able to export data from the Union Links database.  You need to export data when creating mailing labels and form letters.  Both of these features depend on Microsoft Access being properly installed on your system. 

What causes runtime error 217?

This error may come up on program startup.  This usually means that the shared Paradox NET file is unavailable or cannot be located.  In a multi user setup, this may be caused by a mapped drive having lost its assigned connection. 

Where does exported data go?

When creating mailing labels and form letters, exported data is stored in the LynxSystem.mdb file in the application directory. 



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