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Software Maintenance Policy


Annual Software Maintenance Contract

We fully support Software during the Annual Maintenance Contract Period. An overview of our Maintenance Contract Policy is as follows:

Technical Support is available free of charge, five (5) days per week (except for Holidays) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time. Response time will be four (4) hours or less (unless otherwise stipulated.) Contract will show total time maximum for the year.

To contact us:

  1. Email us at Contact Us.
  2. Call support team at 661/872-1100.


 Upgrades, Enhancements

All regular scheduled upgrades and enhancements to our products are provided free during the Maintenance Agreement period (1 year). Upgrade support is as follows:

All Major Software Releases

Any Compatibility Upgrades

Any Software Fixes

Any minor Software Upgrades

Custom requests for features are subject to quotation for services at our hourly rate.

We request all technical questions in writing regarding reported issues (email us at Contact Us). We will respond via email or phone within 4 business hours. New information will be added to our FAQ page for others to view.

bulletfree support on the web
bulletfree updates of frequently asked questions and how they were answered
bulletfree phone support based on support plan
bulletfee-based phone support is per call after support plan limit exceeded

Support and Maintenance Pricing 

Description Single User Network
Maintenance Contract (per year) $1850 $1850
Customizations $105/hr $105/hr

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