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UnionLINKS Power Tools (Feature Sheet)

Rest assured that your information is properly safeguarded

bulletAdministrative functions protected from operators’ accidental use or malice
bulletVarious and numerous reports to support different printers (e.g impact for receipts, laser or inkjet standard reports)
bulletView of current users
bulletUser name and login required for program use

Intelligent management of finances

bulletCollect monies for a wide range of transactions
bulletSmart use of overpayment account eliminates your balancing nightmares
bulletCreate unlimited classifications for your dues structure
bulletHighly intuitive payment screen makes cash and check transactions virtually painless

Your members will appreciate the flood of job offers

bulletKeeps track of member training. Dispatches apply only to appropriately certified members. Ensures that unqualified members are not dispatched.
bulletOptional job turndowns. Ability to enforce a job refusal rule
bulletAbility to specify special fees amounts on job dispatch.
bulletOut of work list can contain 6 books. Keep your lists organized for your easy viewing and querying.

It looks good on paper too!

bulletNumerous reports available. View data in virtually every which way imaginable.
bulletQBE lets user select report data. Unlimited combinations of reports keeps you organized and running smoothly.
bulletLaser reports are clean, detailed and informative. Just the way auditors want them!

Accurate and efficient member tracking guarantees your peace of mind

bulletNetworked versions can run on Microsoft’s SQL Server. Microsoft’s latest release allows virtually unlimited capacity for storage, real-time replication
bulletStand alone versions can run on Paradox. Use the latest Borland Database Engine for smoother operation
bulletMulti-user support with record locking. Practically eliminate downtime by efficiently managing concurrent data entry
bulletNumerous fields to define member information. Also provided are several freeform note fields for typing in uncommon data
bulletColor coded edit and display fields dispel data entry errors and helps readability
bulletPowerful search capabilities on any field (single member query or batch). Do away with complex SQL queries using point-and-click QBE

Designed by a local union for a local union

bulletFull featured to run Plumbers and Steamfitters unions
bulletKeeps track of member photos (optional module available for ID card printing)
bulletKeep track of political data for detailed political demographics
bulletExporting of queried member data to Access 97 database
bulletCustomizable fee schedule to suit your union’s needs
bulletField tested by local union
bulletMicrosoft Outlook ™ navigation bar
bulletY2K compliant

Get a head start on the rest of the pack. Get on the Internet.

bulletSend cash sheet over the Internet to the UA
bulletDatabase hosted on the Internet
bulletAutomatic program update from our Internet Service



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