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bulletDesigned by local union
bulletY2K compliant
bulletColor-coded entry fields.
bulletMicrosoft Outlook
bulletNavigation bar
bulletWindows 98/XP/Vista/2000/2003
bulletView of users currently logged in


bulletConvert your existing data from your current UNIX, DOS, or Windows systems


bulletTrack personal biographical data
bulletTrack beneficiary information
bulletTrack political affiliation
bulletTrack trade certifications. Allows for expiration dates.
bulletStores member photo images*
bulletSearch by SSN, Name, or virtually any field
bulletSearchable using QBE (Query by example)
bulletTrack travel card status
bulletAmple fields for detailed information tracking


bulletNumerous transaction categories including DUES, DEATH, REINSTATEMENT, INITIATION, NOVELTY, NSF, EXAM, MISCELLANEOUS.
bulletHighly interactive payment screen interface
bulletHandy built in calculator
bulletSmart use of overpayment account when paying dues
bulletView of transaction history per member
bulletAutomatic transaction reversals
bulletTransaction receipt optional at user discretion.


bulletCreate up to 6 "books" of out-of-work categories.
bulletSupervisor can shuffle members in the out of work list.
bulletTwo step wizard for dispatching
bulletView members in out of work list by any combination of Class, Trade, or Certification
bulletDispatch allows only certified members
bulletSpecify special fee amounts on job dispatch
bulletEnforceable job turndowns


bulletUses QBE to select members for reporting
bulletSeveral reports optimized for impact printers using multi-part paper
bulletDate and time stamp of when reports were last made
bulletNumerous reports available:
bulletMember list report
bulletPhone list report
bulletDeceased Member list report
bulletFinancial transaction report
bulletDispatch history report
bulletBank deposits report
bulletMailing labels
bulletBad Address report
bulletSuspended and Expelled report
bulletGoing suspended, going expelled report
bulletMember balance report
bulletDues structure report
bulletMember detail report
bulletPostings summary report
bulletAnd more…


bulletLogin required on program startup
bulletUsers can be assigned operator or Administrator privileges


bulletSupport for SQL Server 7.0 with automatic real-time merge, replication, backup and security
bulletStand-alone version runs on Paradox
bulletMulti-user support with record locking
bulletDatabase hosted on the Internet


bulletSend cash sheet to UA over the Internet
bulletProgram updates from ATSN via network




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