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Certification Letter from the desk of John Michelson - Local 460

Business Manager Local 460, Bakersfield, CA

"UnionLINKS has proven to be a top notch enterprise wide solution for our daily operations. It's fast, easy, accurate and feature packed to cover all the operational needs of a Plumbers and Steamfitters Union.  I personally have verified that at the closing of 1998 Union Links performed flawlessly in keeping accurate numbers.  I've ran old and new accounting systems for 4 months and at the closing of each month, I have been impressed with UnionLINKS performance.  It's a tremendous asset for communicating with the International, as well as other Unions by using Internet technology.   I believe UnionLINKS is key to taking our Unions into the next century."



Testimonial Letter from the desk of Teri Bolerjack - Local 460

Office Manager Local 460, Bakersfield, CA

"UnionLINKS is fool proof! We don't have the mistakes that we had on the old system. We save several hours a day using UnionLINKSI've been doing the books for Local 460 for 20 years, and you can take my word that this is the most important time saving tool to the bookkeeper in your office. Here are some examples:

OWL - Out of Work Lists:   It's simplified!  We no longer have to manually enter the members and travel card status on every list they are certified for.  With UnionLINKS the certifications and travel card status are listed in the bio records, which are updated to OWL with the push of a button.  We can then create out-of-work lists sorting by book number, class, trade and certifications.  Any changes made to the members bio records are changed on every list!

OWL-Dispatch:  UL provides unlimited agreement tables to enter the hourly wage rates, fringe benefits and deductions by agreement, classification, and level of apprenticeship, with the capability to change the amounts or add supplemental wages, benefits or deductions at the time the individual work orders are issued! 

Reports:   UL gives us the option to create our own reports queried by any field in the biographical records.  We no longer have to run a separate complicated query program.  This is the easiest Report Writer I've ever seen!

Dues Payments:   UL verifies the months paid as you enter the payment.  If an error is made you can fix it before printing the receipt!  You can also take combined cash and check payments, which are tracked accordingly on the bank deposit report.  You can even add your own comments to the receipts, which helps bring attention to shortages or delinquencies owed.

Cash Sheets:   If your exception records indicate any changes you want to make before sending in the cash sheet, you have that capability without altering the members actual payment records. Think of the time the bookkeeper and the U.A. will save without having to correspond on differences!

Overall Bookkeeping:   The Daily Transaction Report calculates the total distribution of all payments, including the number of months paid per class and trade, distributing the split of dues you set up in your own customizable dues structure tables.  Like most all Reports in UnionLINKS, this report can be run for any period of time, daily, monthly, etc.  Imagine with the push of a button you have your figures to balance your monthly cash sheet before sending it off to the U.A.



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